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by | Apr 8, 2021

As a Product Manager, the question of how we can improve our customers’ experience is consistently top of mind. We always want to make things more efficient and eliminate pain points for our users. In Informer 5.3, one topic we focused on was enhancing the user experience with additional options for exported output and incorporation of automation intelligence for imported spreadsheets.
Covered in this article:
  • How Enrole improves client’s experience with functional benefits and great features
  • Who are our clients, where Enrole team came from and how we relate to clients
  • Enrole’s implementation process is a fast and simple process, with comprehensive training

Enrole is a robust SaaS registration, course management and reporting software platform designed predominantly for non-credit entities such as continuing education, Osher lifelong learning, professional and workforce development, community engagement, and more.

Our software is ideal for these notoriously understaffed departments where employees are short on time and need a software solution to take on the responsibility of automating manual tasks. The ability to schedule processes to run without human intervention and automatically notify staff of students who have completed programs or assignments is key. Alleviating duplication of effort and adding time and cost saving efficiencies is at the forefront of Enrole development. New features are prototyped and designed to enable sometimes complex integrations with other commonly used third party software products such as Ellucian’s Colleague and the usual standard LMSs, with Zoom and Desire2Learn coming next, eliminating the need for significant reliance on your I.T. staff.

Our clients are

We know that our users do not have the time to build their own shopping carts, and with Enrole, they do not have to. Our clients have reported previously being responsible for completing this tedious, difficult job. With the release of Enrole 8.1.4, even non-technical users have the self-service ability to enhance, customize, and design shopping carts and e-commerce sites. This gives clients the power to speak to their audience in the exact way they choose through design and verbiage. Another 8.1.4 feature relates to file imports. This function saves an immense amount of time, no matter how many contacts are being imported. The file imports feature is especially useful for alumni lists, manual orders, courses, third-party lists, and more. Users can bring forward course content for themselves, increasing efficiency.

The Enrole team takes on the bulk of the implementation responsibilities which coupled with weekly onboarding meetings leading up to the comprehensive training, gives our clients an easy decision to consider and implement option. Hands-on training takes place over three full days, where trainers and customers are matched according to needs. Users can be up and running within 4 weeks. Following implementation, clients can utilize our comprehensive, self-service knowledge center. Your dedicated project manager will also always be available to provide assistance.

For more information on how Enrole can help your institution, contact Simone McGrath at simone@entrinsik.com.

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